The Willcox Police Department has begun the first Explorers Program for 2001.. Police Explorers are young men and women who are interested in the many fascinating aspects of police work, and who would like an opportunity to experience the job that police officers do. The members, who are young adults, ages 14 through 20, run the program themselves, with the help of police officers who serve as “advisors” to the post. Past explorer groups have been involved in exciting hands-on training topics, including traffic stops, handcuffing, building searches, working with police dogs, and many others. Past explorer groups have also worked traffic control for big events, worked security details, and have become certified in C.P.R.

If you are between the ages of 14 and 20 and you are interested in police work, you might really enjoy being a police explorer! For more information, contact Officer Joseph Ferguson at the Willcox Police Department (384-4673).